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Working on a temporary or contract basis through a staffing agency is often overlooked as a possible job lead source. Here are five reasons to consider this little understood resource.

  1. Access to More Job Openings
    Staffing companies can be viewed as a type of clearing house for open positions. Jobs come in, get filled and are replaced with other jobs. The number of openings an agency has at any one time will depend on the effectiveness of the staffing company’s sales efforts. Top staffing agencies will have open positions you won’t find elsewhere.

  2. Get A Foot in the Door
    When the economy is struggling many companies freeze hiring. The work, however, still has to get done. When the volume of work to be done exceeds a company’s resources very often temporary or contract workers will be utilized. It’s not unheard of for these contract workers to be offered more permanent arrangements when hiring freezes are lifted.

  3. Earn Money While Looking for Your Ideal Opportunity
    When the economy is struggling job seekers are tempted to accept jobs that are not good matches. While the mindset is understandable, this behavior is self defeating because it often leads to a downward spiral of job hopping. It’s much better to find contract or temporary work so you can pay the bills while holding out for a position that’s in line with your career goals. (Most states will allow you to interrupt unemployment benefits and reinstate them with relative ease.)

  4. Access to Free Resources
    Good staffing firms and recruiters offer free advice on how to improve your resume. Free interviewing help may also be provided. They want to help you put your best foot forward. In addition, many agencies provide access to free software tutorials allowing candidates to refresh or polish their skills as needed.

  5. Try Before You Buy
    Working on a temporary basis allows you to experience a company’s work environment and company culture without or before making a more permanent commitment. This allows you to find out whether the boss’s management style will facilitate your success without wasting precious time if it won’t. (This is a double edged sword of course because the company gets to try you before they ‘buy’ as well. Make sure you put your best foot forward.)

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