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BizyBee Professional Staffing is a small, woman-owned, 8a MBE certified talent management and recruitment firm. BizyBee understands the urgent need for flexible workforce programs that help organizations and governmental agencies. BizyBee provides support across all 50 states and has responded rapidly to COVID-19 impacts. We are able to scale up, train and put staff to work quickly. With a team of over 50 recruiters, BizyBee can recruit and screen a vast number of candidates daily. BizyBee has partnered with numerous government agencies to staff contact tracers, temperature checkers, healthcare workers and many other COVID-related roles. BizyBee provides contact tracers who have undergone certified CDC training as well as temperature checkers who have medical certifications to measure vitals.  In response to COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 measures, BizyBee also offers a fully scalable end-to-end contact tracing solution that includes, but is not limited to, tracing, triaging, and tracking.


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No matter where we are or what we do, there are fundamental beliefs and behaviors that guide our decisions, focus our actions and unite us as a company. Bizy Bee Professionals’ vision and values serve to inspire how we interact, create and deliver on our promise to clients, job seekers and ourselves. read more

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