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Remember: First Impressions Count!

Interviews require preparation!

We hope these tips will help you GET THE JOB!

  1. Arrive 10 minutes early.
  2. Know the name of the person you’ll be meeting and the correct pronunciation of the name.
  3. Complete the application pleasantly, even if you have a resume.
  4. Be especially nice to the person at the front desk because this interaction provides information about your professionalism to your prospective employer.
  5. Finish eating any candy, gum or mints before arriving at the prospective employer.
  6. Greet the interviewer by name and with a firm handshake.
  7. Have questions ready for the interviewer, but keep in mind that discussion about salary and benefits should wait for your second interview.
  8. Eighty percent of all hires result from good chemistry, not because of skill, SO — have a great attitude, good eye contact, a pleasant SMILE. Remember the simple rules your parents taught you: Sit up straight! Do not lean back in the chair.
  9. Use your best judgment about accepting refreshments. Most of the time, they are offered out of courtesy and do not expect you to accept. At most, allow them to give you a glass of water, particularly if it is hot outside.

Prepare for these frequently asked questions:

  1. Describe an average day at your present/past job.
  2. Describe an accomplishment from your last job.
  3. Describe your strengths. Now is the time to TOOT your own horn.
  4. Describing your weaknesses can be tricky. Make sure you can turn it into a positive. An example would be: “I always want to step in and help a co-worker who needs it but I have learned to make certain my own work doesn’t suffer.”
  5. Describe yourself. Keep it simple and under two minutes.
  6. Where do you see yourself in the next two years? Try to incorporate goals for your prospective employer when describing your own.
  7. What do you like to do in your spare time? Be honest. Don’t only state what you think they would like to hear.

Closing the Interview:

To wrap up the interview effectively, shake your interviewer’s hand and thank him or her. Let the interviewer know you are interested in the position and will look forward to hearing from them. It is essential that you send a thank-you note or letter immediately.


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